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Beautiful Naked Lady Playing in the WaterAll right...hands up all those who know a limerick that starts - There was a young teen from Kentucky! Seriously this beautiful naked lady is actually a Russian teen but she lives in Kentucky... go figure. I guess Kentuckians are starting to attract birds that are not fried these days - KFC will never be the same!

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Beautiful Nude Teen from Kentucky Beautiful Nude Teen shows all

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For those who dont know any limericks about beautiful nude teens from kentucky we unearthed this limerick for you

There was a young teen from Kentucky,
who was most incredibly lucky,
when pimping downtown,
in old Chinatown,
a young man asked, Miss do you Fuckee?

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Author:Jeremy Kule Date: August 21, 2011, 6:41 pm Article No:1314014450

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